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Satisfied Customers

“Centech’s flexibility makes them easy to work with. When we had to do some fine tuning to our survey to reflect changing business conditions. With simply a phone call or an E-mail, Centech always made those changes quickly. Any special requests we made were always handled efficiently and the results were exactly what we wanted.”
— Fortune 100 Computer Manufacturer

“What makes a difference to us is that Centech has done this sort of thing before. They live and breathe this type of work from a very high level right down to what every single representative needs to know. We have a long-term existing relationship with Centech. We find them very open to meeting our overall needs. They are service oriented, built upon having been through a lot of what they do in actual practice.”
— Leading Catalog Retailer

“We were evaluating our first ever call center outsourcing project.  This intensely complex project required an intimate understanding of call center operations and extensive experience with evaluating and implementing outsourced call center solutions. We could not afford to slip in delivering high quality service. Centech came highly recommended and far surpassed our expectations. Centech ensured that our outsourcing project was a complete success. We would not have been nearly so successful without Centech’s guidance and advice.”
— Fortune 100 Insurance Provider

Centech has put together a great team. They give us a cost-effective program of real-time feedback from our fans. They do call monitoring and call scoring and have an open dialog with our team at [the outsource partner] to maximize our service. The info we gain through Centech is fed back into one-on-ones with our reps, as well as into the curricula and training processes.”
— Leading Sports Network

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