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Business Process Engineering

Making the right decisions in building or expanding a contact center has long term impact. Centech helps you make the right design and deployment decisions. We assist in providing the right people with the right skills, implementing the best processes and the right technology to fit your strategy and objectives.

Forecasting and Scheduling
Centech develops highly accurate custom forecasting models that work by identifying and quantifying all of the separate drivers that affect call volume. Our models have been shown to accurately predict actual call volume within 3% of forecast.

Process and Workflow Management
Defining process effectively is one of the keys to quality management. Centech documents the workflow from beginning to end for each type of call you receive. Workflow documents are used by system developers, trainers and business managers to develop and enhance best practices. Centech has experienced workflow designers to help you with each critical task, using Total Quality Management (TQM), Voice of the Customer, and Six Sigma process design.

Human Resources and Job Design
Centech develops job descriptions to match the quality processes we teach. Job descriptions are developed to fit your specific business need, incorporating specific expectations for all employees regarding their roles, responsibilities, skills and experience. Centech also develops key hiring profiles for all levels within the call center from Customer Service Representative to Senior Vice President of Customer Care.

Putting It All Together
Accurate forecasts, best practices, clear job descriptions and good leaders can, and do, produce high performing contact centers.  Our clients deliver high performance on a regular basis with customer satisfaction scores in the nineties, service level goals consistently met, low turnover, and operating costs within budget.  You can, too!

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