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Technology Solutions Selection, Design, and Implementation

Communications System Selection and VoIP Network Design

Centech has conducted Voice over IP (VoIP) implementations worldwide for more than 20 years, including Automatic Call Distributor and Communication Manager (ACD/CM) technology selection, Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and traditional PRI carrier selection, business requirements design, and project management. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a sophisticated and reliable technology for contact centers. VoIP offers an exciting range of new and inexpensive functionality replacing multiple separate applications in the legacy ACD world. VoIP brings Unified Messaging (calls, email, SMS text, chat, social media), audio and video call recording, virtual routing to any device at any location, unified reporting, and more. Centech has VoIP experience with Avaya, Cisco, SAP, ShoreTel, and other leading suppliers, and can help your firm with VoIP technology selection, design and deployment. Centech defines and documents business rules for the system and provides project management during implementation. Centech’s business rules document includes queuing logic, multiskilling, messaging and queue announcements, IVR scripting and call routing, ANI and DNIS identification, display labels, and everything your system vendor will need to configure the system during installation. Centech delivers flawless cutovers as a result of clearly defined specifications, sound project management, and User Acceptance Testing.

Carrier Selection

In addition to offering traditional T-1 circuits (or PRIs) for voice traffic, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) carriers also offer Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which has become a reliable signaling protocol for controlling multimedia communication sessions. Internet telephony, VoIP telephone systems, and all of the carriers use SIP.  Some are more robust and reliable than others, however.  SIP saves money for contact centers and multi location companies, and can reduce circuit charges through consolidation and reduction of circuits.  Centech assists clients with selecting carriers that meet the needs of today’s contact centers for reliability, redundancy, virtual routing, and diversity.

Virtual Contact Centers, Cloud-hosted and Premise-based Solutions

Centech has assisted clients with the consolidation of multiple contact centers into large regional centers. We’ve developed telecommunications networks for contact centers and companies with thousands of agents and as few as three agents. Centech has designed and implemented contact center networks that include state-of-the-art ACDs, CMs, IVRs with speech recognition, callback in queue, intelligent call routing platforms, workforce management applications and audio/video call recording systems for single and multi-site installations with both premise-based and cloud (SAAS, or hosted) solutions.

Natural Language and Directed Speech Recognition, Interactive Voice Response Systems

Centech provides technology evaluation, vendor selection and project implementation management with voice recognition systems to provide large scale customer call processing applications for customer service centers nationwide. These applications require detailed analysis and preparation in the selection process to guarantee performance, as well as intelligent design, flowcharting, effective verbiage, project management, and testing during implementation.

CRM Desktop Applications

Centech specializes in applying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) desktop systems to build flexible, capable systems. Centech worked with some of the first CRM applications using CTI in the industry. Since then, Centech has developed integration expertise with many CRM platforms including Oracle™, SAP™, and SalesForce™, as well as industry-specific applications like Advantage™ and others. We develop and document business requirements, call flow design, integration requirements, timelines, project plans, and report requirements.

Workforce Management and Quality Monitoring Applications

Centech helps select Workforce Management and Quality Monitoring platforms to enable contact centers to improve service level, schedule adherence, call quality, and customer satisfaction while reducing cost. We help you select the best platform for your contact center, and we show you how to ensure that your investment in a workforce optimization system pays for itself.


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