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Outsourcing Assessment & Vendor Selection

In choosing core competencies, some companies choose to outsource.  Other companies have found that they can better manage their own contact centers, and choose to bring them in-house. Centech has worked with both models, helping some clients outsource, and helping other clients build their own centers.  We’ve helped clients develop internal contact centers that outperform their formerly outsourced operations, and at lower cost!

Pro Forma Financial Model and Business Case for Insourcing

Centech develops five year business plans with detailed cost analysis comparing the total cost of ownership for insourced versus outsourced contact centers. These plans are used to develop the business case for building an internal contact center, or outsourcing, or both using a competitive model.

Site Selection and Work Force Demographics

We conduct demographic research to help clients find locate the best site for their contact center based on 15-20 demographic, geographic and financial data points, comparing several sites or several hundred sites, with graphical analysis to compare and contrast all factors.

Organizational Design, Job Descriptions, Building Planning and Project Management

Once a site is selected, Centech provides organization design, job descriptions, hiring and selection, floor plan design, furniture selection, technology, telecommunications, training, and project management; all tailored to our client’s business model.

Sometimes, a service bureau can do the job faster and better with minimal investment and lower cost. Centech supplies assistance in these ways:

Outsourcing Analysis

Outsourcing is an effective management practice used by corporations to align companies with their primary focus and areas of expertise. Service bureaus can deliver much needed expertise to a company’s marketing plan in a short time with limited investment in capital and equipment. The make-or-buy decision is based on cost, quality, time-to-market, and strategic advantage (control, expertise, and flexibility).

Agency Selection

Centech can help build your business case and develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). We also assist and provide advice with the agency selection process. The selection process includes identifying agencies based on their capabilities, managing the RFP response, short listing, interviewing, conducting site visits, and making final management recommendations. We have the combined expertise to help you make an informed decision based on our sound experience in contact center operations and program management.

Contract Negotiation and Agency Management

When dealing with vendors, it is always in your best interest to develop the contract. Vendor contracts are written to protect the vendor’s interests, so Centech helps you negotiate a statement of work that also protects your interests: meeting quality of service expectations and defining penalty and bonus structures that provide effective vendor incentives that serve your best interest.

Managing your program at an agency is equal in importance to the process of selecting your service provider. The key to continuous improvement with any best practices agency is good management and constant communication with your service partner. Centech can manage your program to the specifications you establish to help you get the results you require.


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