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Assessments and Operations Reviews

Contact center technology in today’s environment represents the leading edge in telecommunications and data system advances. People and technology represent the largest components of your budget, totaling between 65% and 85% of the overall cost of operation. Your contact center is the front door, often providing the first line of contact with your customers. Maximizing your investment in this critical operation is an important way to generate better customer satisfaction, greater market share, higher revenue and greater long-term profitability.

Operations Reviews

A contact center improvement program begins with an in-depth Contact Center Assessment to identify ways you can maximize your investment and improve customer service. A complete Contact Center Assessment is completed in two to five days, per site reviewed, covering technology, environment, training, personnel, performance, and customer experience.

Results of the contact center review process are used to design contact center quality improvement programs. Centech shows you how to profitably upgrade your contact center operations to industry best practices and implement proven quality improvement techniques for leading-edge customer relationship management.

Contact Center Design and Implementation

Making the right decisions in expanding your contact center or deploying a new operation has long term impact. Centech helps you maximize your investment decisions. We assist you in selecting the best site location, the right combination of contact center software, hardware, telecommunications and equipment based on your specific needs. Our industry professionals use their years of operations experience to help you apply proven techniques and market-tested products used by the most advanced contact centers in the industry today.

Vendor Operations Reviews

How well does your outsourcing provider meet your standards? Centech helps you develop and document your vendor standards based on our years of experience managing third party programs and providers, industry best practices, and your business requirements. We also develop detailed vendor operations reviews customized to your detailed business requirements and vendor standards. Our 100 point Vendor Operation Review process is tailored to your needs, and we teach your vendor managers how to use it.


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