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Customer Experience Improvement

Every contact center offers an opportunity for continuously improving the customer experience, with a direct and immediate impact on your bottom line. Centech’s contact center performance improvement programs focus on improving the customer experience by:

  • Improving call quality
  • Reducing unnecessary handle time
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing turnover

The benefits are higher profitability and more loyal customers because your contact center is doing these things:

  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing likeliness to recommend

Effective Organization Design, the Right Team Members, and Clear Job Descriptions
A strong organization begins with the right people with the right skills and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Centech has designed and implemented contact center management organizations from the ground up for successful startup companies and for companies who wish to bring outsourced projects in-house. Clearly written job descriptions and streamlined organization design are the keys to a successful contact center management team. In addition to organization and job design, Centech supports your employee selection process to build your leadership team.

Balanced Scorecards, Goals and Objectives
To be successful, contact centers must set the right objectives, measure performance against those objectives, and reward those who meet them. Centech uses our experience in effective management to help you select the right performance metrics for your contact center.

Leadership, Coaching and Development
To serve customers well, customer service representatives need feedback every day about developing their skills and improving performance. Centech delivers on-site training programs for supervisors and managers. Your staff will learn how to:

  • Observe calls and give effective feedback
  • Develop action plans for improvement
  • Increase call quality and customer satisfaction
  • Increase first call resolution
  • Reduce average handle time and increase productivity
  • Improve morale and reduce turnover
  • Gain control of and manage their day to day schedule

We train supervisors to become effective coaches, and provide them with the right tools to develop continuous performance improvement. We provide all training on site and we tailor it to your business needs. Centech’s supervisor training is the key to improving your long-term performance.

Customer Service Skills
Do your people say “No problem” when they really should say “You’re welcome”? Hiring, training, and managing large teams in a contact center is challenging. Some employees are starting out in their first job. Many need better business communication skills. Centech delivers customer service skills training that works. Combining Centech’s highly effective customer skills training with our leadership, coaching and development skills training for supervisors allows you to create and deliver high quality customer care for your customers.

Customer Experience Transformation

A¬†Customer Experience Transformation can begin with your contact center, but it doesn’t have to, and it certainly shouldn’t stop at the contact center.¬† Centech has the resources and the experience to show you how to manage across all organizational boundaries to conduct a full scale CX Transformation for your entire company.

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